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Lent 2016 - Do Lent Generously (Page 9)

Lent 2016- Do Lent Generously- Starts 10th Feb 2016.

This year we’ll be doing Lent differently. Instead of making lent about ‘self-improvement’, let’s make it about ‘world improvement’. In our recent sermon series ‘Resolutions’ we said- ‘If you really want to be a better person, make the world a better place!’ This lent we’ll be signing up as as individuals, as a Church and as Life Groups to the 40 Acts initiative and spending those 40 days leading up to Easter making the world a better place through simple acts of generosity and random acts of kindness. Why don’t you join us?

Take a look at the 40 acts website for hundreds of ideas, www.40acts.org.

Have a look at the youtube videos:

And take a look at the Reflections and ideas from 40 Acts 2015 .

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