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Our Vision

Our vision is for GBC to create a supportive community where KNOWING God and each other deeply, GROWING disciples who become like Jesus, and GOING to serve Him in our everyday lives is an everyday reality.



Knowing God and each other deeply

Ministries (activities) that create community

The Knowing part of our vision statement is all about knowing God (for example, through the bible and through prayer) and knowing each other (within the church and wider community).


Relevant areas of church life include:

  • Sunday Service
  • Prayer evenings, prayer chains
  • Pastoral care/visits
  • Home groups and bible studies
  • Retreats/away days
  • Social events
  • Churches together (especially with: St. Nicholas, Godstone; Kings Church, Oxted; and St. Mary’s, Oxted)
  • Growing


    Growing disciples who become like Jesus

    Ministries (activities) that help you grow

    Disciples are followers of Jesus. The Growing part of our vision focuses on strengthening our own faith, going further in the way we become more like Jesus; learning what it really means to be one of his disciples, and working out how to grow other disciples too.

    Relevant areas of church life include:

  • Preaching
  • Children’s work
  • Home groups and bible studies
  • Discipling courses
  • Baptisms
  • Membership courses
  • Growing and encouraging leaders
  • Going


    Going to serve Jesus in our everyday lives

    Ministries (activities) that reach out

    The Going part of our vision is all about stepping outside of the church building, ensuring that church isn’t just a Sunday thing.

    It’s about living our lives with Jesus in a distinctive way, helping and serving those in the communities in which we live, work & play and getting alongside whatever the Holy Spirit is doing and joining in with it!

    Relevant areas of church life include:

  • Friday lunch club
  • Play centre
  • Oasis cafe
  • Godstone Fete
  • Supporting home and overseas mission
  • Alpha courses
  • Outreach events