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Go The Next Step: Develop A ‘Rule Of Life’

Week 8: If we are to nurture a heart that treats every person, ourselves included, as a “Thou” instead of an “It” (Listen to Sermon: Grow into an emotionally mature adult), we need to be intentional about our lives. By ordering our lives to contemplate the love of Christ and to receive the love of Christ, we will be able to give the love of Christ away to others. In this way, he transforms our lives into a gift to our families, friends, co-workers and communities.

The problem again, however, is our busyness and lack of intentionality. Often we find ourselves unfocused, distracted and spiritually adrift. Few of us have a conscious plan for intentionally developing our spiritual lives.

Nurturing or growing spirituality in our present-day culture calls for a thoughtful, conscious, purposeful plan. To do this well requires us to uncover another ancient buried treasure – a “Rule of Life”.

Biblical Text: Acts 2:42-3:2


Go The Next Step: Develop A ‘Rule Of Life’