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Things Jesus Said To His Disciples (Part Three) (Page 3)

How would you describe yourself in one word?

This classic question is often used when playing a ‘get to know someone better game’. It’s one of those questions designed to get you thinking ‘what makes me, me’!

Some people are inclined to answer a question like this without overthinking it, using any word that may describe them a little. Others are more up for the challenge of what such a question presents, taking more time to think – how to put all I am, my experience, character, personality, gifts, abilities and even faults into one word! Well, the truth is you probably can’t but that I guess is the point.

Perhaps a harder and even more revealing question might be: How would other people describe you in one word? Our perception of ourselves may be very different to the perception that others have, it may be better than we would think.

I couldn’t help but smile a little while ago when someone was enthusiastically telling me how much they had enjoyed one of my sermons. I was beginning to feel encouraged (and ever so slightly proud of my theologically deep and inspiring message) as they continued “you’re so…” then they paused trying to find the word before finally saying “simple”.

They assured me it was compliment and that it sounded worse than it was meant! I believed them and, truth be known, I agreed! Haha

Jesus was with his disciples, travelling to different villages around Caesarea Philippi when he asked them a question, “Who do people say I am?”. The disciples answered with what they had heard, which was mainly ‘other people’ from John the Baptist to Elijah or another prophet! In other words, the people (the crowds) think you are someone special. But they were all wrong.

So, Jesus throws the question back to his disciples…

“Who do you say I am?”Mark 8:29

Jesus wasn’t fishing for compliments here, or trying to big himself up, it wasn’t vanity or self-conceit. Jesus often used questions to help teach and instruct. He was provoking his disciples to think about their own faith in him. In other words, he was saying “are you following the crowd, the people’s opinion about me or have you come to a different conclusion, do you know who you follow?”

Peter who was often first to jump in and speak answers, says “You are the Messiah”.

Peter’s declaration was on behalf of them all, their eyes had been opened to who Jesus truly was. They had witnessed much up to this point from following Jesus, calming a storm, feeding multitudes of people with a small amount of food, and casting out demons. He really was the Messiah.

It’s a short question but a good one. How would you respond if Jesus said to you, “Who do you say I am?” How we answer this question, should determine everything about how we live. The Messiah, the Saviour, the One who gives life purpose and meaning. We can have a personal relationship with him. I urge you to follow him today and every day.

Are you following the masses or following the Messiah? Simple.

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